The Lick Crew

Written and Directed by

Johnny Le

Co-Produced by

Brian Lukrich

Executive Producers

Van Tran and Thuong Le

Director of Photography

Patrick LaValley

Production Designer

Jack Shay


Rafael Lewis

Music by

Masmod and Manny Chester

Casting by

Elizabeth Vice

First Assistant Director

Rose Leiker

Associate Producer

Jerylyn Brei

Set Decorators

Brian Lukrich and Jerylyn Brei

Brain Maker

Austin Healey

Sound Designer/Editor

Tami Galvin

Script Supervisor

Kayla Dettmann

Production Sound Recordists

Tami Galvin and James Owen


James Owen

Key Grip

Peter Hermes

Storyboard Artist

Jerylyn Brei

First Assistant Camera

Jerry Turner

Still Photographers

Michael Tompkins, Shaun Mendiola, and Stephanie Houston

Set Production Assistants

Ken Potts, Jeffree Newman, and Kurt Nishimura

Make Up Artists

Anna Webber

Rachel Campa


Bernadette Spear

Wardrobe Provided by

10.Deep, adidas Entertainment Promotions, and Avalon Antiques and Vintage Clothes

Sound Engineer/ Trailer Editor

Sarah Minor


Ryan Kunkleman

Craft Service and Catering

Le’s Restaurant

Special Thanks to

Nhgia Hao Le Huynh, Trien Doan, Vu Tran, Phuong-Ha New, Nghien Tran, Choung Doan, Ty Bui, Thanh Nguyen, O Ba Lam Hui Hiy, Barb Ness, Nyuen Nguyen, Kim Le, Dan Van Le, Nguyet Nguyen, Viet Tran, Kelly Le Doan, Ngon Bui, Elissa Keverkian, Greg Schmitt, Wes Anderson, Nate Goodman, Matt Semchee, Jackie Blain, Lance Bangs, Kyle Reynolds, Kate Ridley, Aubree Bernier-Clark, Cal’s Pharmacy, Art Institute of Portland, Tom Czahor, Lizzie Karr, Wade Barth, Mandy Litton, Bullseye Disc, Kellan Craddock, Julie Verdini, Michelle Pahl, Jessi Tsuji, Tyler Brown, Courtney Hermann, Efrem Peter, Emeka Obi, Alteration Station, Ben Pagio, Kyja King, The Chester Family, Michael Koerner, Complex Gallery, The Brei Family, adidas America, Maurice Menares, Peter Haefner and to all my family and friends for their contributions to make this film possible.

Filmed on location in the State of Oregon

Cameras and Accessories by

Field Recordings

235 Studios

500 Cuts

Neal A. Corl Studio

Lighting Equipment Supplied by

Gearhead Grip and Electric

Lick Logotype/ Promotional Design


Dvd Duplication

Bullseye Disc

Printing Services

Mollet Printing

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