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Recap on PSISF

Sunday, July 12th, 2009

Towards the end of last month, I went on a week long trip with Jerylyn and headed south to Palm Springs, California. There I witnessed the world premiere of my short film, Lick. The Official Selection of the 2009 Palm Springs International Shortfest debuted alongside 315 films from over 40 countries. We stayed for a good four days at the Ace Hotel (Thanks to Connie Wohn). This is the first festival for me to attend as a director, so it was an amazing experience. I’ve never seen so many good short films back to back.

A handful of programs I was able to see: Films for Families, Peak Performance, Shooting Stars, and Amazing Animation.

Some of my favorite films:

This is Her

Juiced and Jazzed

Lost and Found


The Bread


Cigarette Candy


The Cello

The Mouse That Soared

The programmers panel had some good insight directly from festival programmers on how they selected their films. I hope I can send my films to them soon.

Kodak’s “Stop By. Shoot Film.” was awesome. Jerylyn and I got the chance to shoot with Super16 on a Aaton camera. I cannot wait for the compilation DVD they send of the film shot from the festival.

On the drive back to Portland, Jerylyn and I drove by Los Angeles for a five hour tour (saw the MJ Star, Hollywood Sign and Elliott Smith “Figure 8” wall). San Francisco had to be hit up as well so we stopped by to visit my cousins and friends. The roadtrip ended being a real nice break from the constant work and school leading up to it.

All in all, I feel very honored to have taken part in the festival. Now that I’m an alumni, I’ll need to step it up and make another short. :)

If you haven’t known, Lick has been written up at Studio Nemo and The Asian Reporter.