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Update for May

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

There are some good prospects ahead in the coming weeks for Lick. The past month has been spent completing the Electronic Press Kit and finally closing the books for the film. The DVD covers have been printed and the DVD is on it’s last steps before getting mastered and duplicated. Colorcubic is currently working on the Victor poster of the film. 10.DEEP better be on the lookout (you’ll be getting a package from me soon). :)

An HD trailer is currently being worked by editor Sarah Minor which looks great! Also, the ‘School Day’ teaser is officially on imdb.

The next festivals to send to (once some funds roll in) are HIFF and London International Film Festival. It looks like the festivals in 2010 are already setting an early bird deadline. At this point, baby steps is a good way to go as funding and budgets are limited. I can’t complain though.